Improved Joint Comfort with Celadrin

Restorative cream for skin conditions and wrinkles

Improved mobility and oral health for pets

A safe option to naturally support the health of your gums

Celadrin® is a patented, unique combination of Cetylated, Esterified Fatty Acids researched for joint health, oral care, beauty and skin wellness, and companion pet health

Celadrin® is a unique blend of Cetylated Fatty Acids (CFACS) for inside-out inflammation support. Celadrin® contains CFACS clinically researched for improved joint function, pain and mobility, while calming inflammation in both oral and topical forms.
CelaSKIN supports skin health, reduces redness, flaking, itching, dryness, cracks, wrinkles, fine lines, roughness, and improves moisture.
Improved mobility and oral health for companion pets.
Celadrin® for periodontal is a safe option to naturally support the health of your gums.


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Celadrin® Testimonials

I found this a very effective topical treatment. It kicked in within minutes. When used between oral analgesics the pain relief was extended. I found the preparation...
Andrew O.
East Sussex, UK
About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a severe form of alopecia areata, having lost all the hair on my head including my eyebrows and eyelashes. For the last three ...
Noelle W.
Florence, OR
I am in chronic pain every day. I take celadrin and do get some benefit from it. What I have found most beneficial from Celadrin is not what you would ...
Amy S.
For my husband it has reduced his need to take Tylenol and his legs are good enough for him now to do a little shopping. He would go mad if ...
Elizabeth S.
Ontario Canada
I’m a hopeless pessimist, so when I saw a story on my local news station addressing the benefits of Celadrin, I took it with a grain of salt...
David B.
Reseda, CA
My son Taylor is 9 years old and a month ago he had an accident on his Quad Bike. Taylor broke his back. There was no spinal cord...
Lee M.